about Jacinta

JMutono is a Kenyan lady ,dating recently a coffee lover.

Prior to this i got online with the desire to read some beautiful African coffee blogs telling those stories i could relate ,coffee wise,unfortunately i was not satisfied,i felt there was a gap that needed exploitation.It is said that if you want something done do it yourself, so i decided in my own small way to write some of the many stories…

Growing up i never knew how a coffee bean looked like! The only place i had seen a coffee tree was in my Geography/ History  text book .later when i got to see real coffee beans i was in awe…

There are so many beautiful  stories out there and they all need to be told.For the record i never thought could write(i have been a reader tho’) but when inspiration sets in…we obey

Tag along and get to know me better through each one of them,a step at a time.cheers