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She is…

She is …a woman… Happy International women’s day to all dedicated women out there…Never give up


The slopes of Mount Kenya, The great Rift Valley and parts of the lower Eastern region of Kenya are some of the major coffee producing zones in the country.

In the vast coffee fields, semi-divided into small portions ,each individually owned by different families ;hard working Kenyans, coffee farmers are tirelessly taking care of their coffee farms. Their hope is that the coffee will fetch better prices “this time round”

The women are the most hardworking (it is no secret). They want their children to feed, their son to go to school , their daughter to graduate, grand pa to get adequate medication ,so forth and so forth ,simply the basic needs. For the time being anything luxury they peep out through the window! Better still gaze up the sky, at the sight of a passing air plane, That is the nearest many coffee farmers in Kenya get to luxury. No…

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Terrible carjackers

The birds rhythmically made noises from a distance, everything else seemed still. Jim stared at his car that was rhythmically bouncing on the road ,speeding away. Those carjackers had rhythmically pulled a fast one on him and before he knew it he was in the middle of nowhere without means. via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic<a href="">Rhythmic</a>